Furniture Re-use Service Achievements

The Furniture Re-use Service for Broxbourne and East Herts operated from April 2012 until its closure in January 2017.

Since 2012, approaching 2000 residents benefitted from the project. We have delivered reusable furniture to over 1000 households and almost 900 people have donated 3500 items. The project has saved many £1,000’s for local people including those on low incomes, thereby reducing the need for high cost loans and door step lending. The project also delivered incredible benefits to the local environment by keeping over 100 tons of furniture waste out of landfill.

All of the services of FRS were undertaken by a small team of part-time paid staff supported by volunteers. As well as providing paid employment opportunities, the project is very proud that at least 10 local people have been involved in a voluntary capacity at different times over the past 5 years.

Operating from an indoor garage block based in Ware, it is not surprising that 44% of all FRS customers lived in East Herts with the vast majority of these from the Hertford and Ware areas. 37% of those buying furniture lived in the adjoining Borough of Broxbourne with the rest (19%) living in other parts of Hertfordshire.

Local residents have benefitted enormously through the opportunity to donate their furniture rather than throwing it away. 64% of all donations have come from East Herts residents. Residents from the Borough of Broxbourne have provided 30% of donations with the remaining 6% coming from other parts of Hertfordshire.